Piccolo$35$20 & Up
Flute$24$15 & Up
OboePrices Vary$40 & Up
English HornPrices Vary
$125 & Up
BassoonPrices Vary
$60 & Up
Clarinet$24$15 & Up
Alto ClarinetPrices Vary
$35 & Up
Bass ClarinetPrices Vary
$45 & Up
Alto Saxophone$45$30 & Up
Tenor Saxophone$55$35 & Up
Baritone SaxophonePrices Vary
$60 & Up
Trumpet / Cornet$28$15 & Up
FlugelhornPrices Vary
$40 & Up
French Horn (Single)Prices Vary
$35 & Up
French Horn (Double)Prices Vary
$40 & Up
Trombone$28$18 & Up
Baritone HornPrices Vary
$35 & Up
TubaPrices Vary
$60 & Up
Violin Outfit (1/16 to 4/4)Prices Vary
$13 & Up
Viola (13" to 17")Prices Vary
$18 & Up
Cello (1/4 to 4/4)Prices Vary
$23 & Up
Bass (1/4 to 4/4)Prices Vary
$60 & Up
Snare Drum KitPrices Vary
$22 & Up
Bell KitPrices Vary
$22 & Up
Bass DrumPrices Vary
$30 & Up
Timpani (Each)Prices Vary
$125 & Up
Classical GuitarPrices Vary
$20 & Up
Acoustic GuitarPrices Vary
$25 & Up
Electric Bass Guitar-$30 & Up
Electric Guitar with AmpPrices Vary
$40 & Up
Electric Bass Guitar with AmpPrices Vary
$40 & Up

Why Rent with from Bellflower Music?

In order to rent an instrument the lessee must have a valid California driver's license and major credit card, and must be over the age of twenty-one. After paying the first three months in advance, he or she can take home any of the instruments listed below, and is not obligated to keep renting after three months. We operate under a rent-to-own system, in which 100% of the customer's payments apply toward the purchase of the instrument, and all of his or her accumulated credit can be transferred to any other rental instrument. We rent new and used instruments at reasonable prices, as shown below. 

Sales, Rentals, Lessons, & Repair

At Bellflower Music all of the rental paid can be applied to the purchase price of your instrument. Rent until you have purchased the instrument with no interest charges for one full year.   We guarantee the very best price!


  • Rent with Purchase Optionno interest charges for one full year.
  • New Instrumentsonly the best major name brands
  • Used Rental Instrumentsmajor brands, many of which are in mint condition
  • Servicefriendly staff willing to do what it takes to help you out.
  • Repair serviceone of the best on site repair shops in the area.

Instrument Rentals